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Every good telemarketing campaign begins with a good database, and we’re experts at creating some of the best prospect databases in the business.

Since 2002, we’ve been using not only market research but also telephone surveys to develop customized, qualified databases for our clients.

Databases Of New Prospects

If we’re building a database of potential new customers, we’ll identify the companies that are the most likely to buy your products and services. That way, your sales team will only spend time on potential customers that could have the greatest impact on your sales.

Culling and pre-qualifying a database can dramatically impact your marketing costs. As an example, imagine if your telemarketers could set two qualified appointments per hour, instead of one. You would cut your cost per lead in half, and you’d be more likely to keep your telemarketing team happy and engaged.

Customer Market Research

At GenSales, we also effectively use phone surveys as a market research tool, not only with prospects, but also with your customer base.

Cold-calling your current customers can help:

  • increase customer retention
  • promote your message and brand
  • gauge the response to a new product or service
  • identify customers who might be likely to leave your company
  • uncover potential interest for new sales

Because the information gleaned from our phone surveys is timely, it can help you quickly respond to trends, positive and negative.

State-Of-The-Art Software

Our state-of-the-art telemarketing software can be configured for any type of telephone survey, from simple to complex. If you have a database, we can start there. Or, we can build a database for you, from scratch.

Let’s Work Together

You know your business objectives and goals. We know databases, market research survey strategies, telemarketing, and appointment setting. Let’s combine our expertise and work together to help you reach your marketing and sales goals.

For more information on prospect database lists, or to schedule a free consultation, please call (720) 612-4099.

Please note: We’re located in Denver, Colorado, and we work with businesses and organizations, of all sizes, throughout the United States.

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