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Multi-Touch Engagement Approach™

Plan-It™ Strategy Session:
In this first step, GenSales and our clients discuss the value proposition of your company, your ideal customers, and the plan to achieve your sales goals.

Campaign Roadmap Development:
Each campaign is assigned to an Account Manager who works with you to create a Campaign Roadmap: what your value proposition is, and the pitch our SDRs will be making to set you appointments.

Prospect List Acquisition & Enhancement:
Through our advanced Data Intelligence systems, we will create a list of prospects to call that fit your business’s specific requirements for new and ideal clients. We create lists using different internal resources that generate carefully curated and accurate records of potential clients.

Calendar Integration & Platform Preparation:
In this step, your sales team will sync their calendars with our system to be notified when a specific date and time appointment is set. This allows us to know your schedule and set appointments around your availability, as well as for you to get notified when you have a new meeting. There is no feeling more exciting than that new sales opportunity notification!

SDR Specialist Onboarding:
Each campaign gets callers, SDRs that are specifically trained for each campaign. We have highly skilled expert callers, with an average of 15 years in the industry, and we match each campaign with the best SDR for that business. Along with the Account Managers, you will get to work with the callers to plan the best strategy for your campaign.

Multi-Touch Prospecting Execution:
At GenSales we believe in using different modes to get to success. We combine the use of cold calling, email marketing, LinkedIn marketing and AI data to get you the best opportunities. Our multi-touch prospecting allows us to get the best prospect list and to connect you with your target customer. Our strategy has proven to be successful for over 20 years.

Pre-Qualified Appointments Scheduled:
Once all the planning is done, the outreach begins. Through the multi-touch execution, we connect with warm prospects and qualify the leads. If our callers determine that this prospect fits your requirements and is interested in your offering, a specific date and time appointment is scheduled. All appointments are with qualified prospects.

Quality Control:
Every appointment that your team gets has been vetted and cleared by our quality control staff. We listen to each call where an appointment is set to confirm that the qualifications for your needs in a client are met and that there was a genuine interest and genuine need from the prospect.

Appointment Notification Email:
Once the appointment goes through our quality control, you get an email notification with all the details for your upcoming appointment that we have set.

Client Feedback:
After you receive the appointment notification and go to the appointment, we connect with you for feedback and future improvements we can make. You are involved in the process– you work with us to make you successful!

Analysis & Activity Reporting and CRM Integration:
The last step is the analysis. We analyze our output and activity to make our process more seamless and effective.

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Proven Lead Gen Process

Data: Using Additional Tools to Generate More Pre-Qualified Leads

One size does not always fit all when it comes to the best way to make initial contact with your most promising customers. For years, the state of the art in lead generation was cold calling. Calling is still an important tool, and thanks to our AI-based contact list generation and professional callers we do it better than anyone.

But we also offer our clients the option of an expanded approach to B2B demand generation that utilizes additional touchpoints to generate pre-qualified leads. This is important because:

These expanded, optional, multi-touch lead-generation campaigns augment the tried-and-true calling strategy by folding in two additional features: permission-based email and outreach through LinkedIn.

Just as with our calling activity, we seamlessly integrate your brand into this kind of communication, so the communication appears to be coming from your office.

What is “Permission-Based Email”?

We do not “cold email.” Email spam filters are ruthless and every one of us counts on them to keep our inboxes manageable. However, the filters are not always sophisticated enough to tell the difference between a legitimate business opportunity and a link to the latest t-shirt collection or concert series.

We use emails in a more positive way, within the context of an extended conversation. In an initial conversation, the person understandably may be skeptical about your company. Is it legitimate? Is this a scam?

That leads to the typical response of “Can you send me an email with more information?” At that point, our callers will encourage the prospect to visit your webpage to get more information and to verify your legitimacy. Our team members will also send out an email with the basic information you have approved, along with the website link.

How Do We Use LinkedIn?

Used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great source of warm leads. With your permission, we will access your personal LinkedIn account and run Sales Navigator filtering programs using specific search parameters and screens. We will uncover your 2nd and 3rd level contacts that meet the criteria we have agreed on in terms of industry type, personal title, company size, geographic location, and other parameters. Then, we will reach out to them to begin the conversation.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say:

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And here’s how our team members view the process:

“I have worked for many companies as an appointment setter since 2011. I sincerely say this is the best company to work for. They understand the needs of their employees. The owner, David Juris, and his account managers make you feel like you are a part of the family. They believe we are an extension of our clients and it is important for us to be professional and responsive to their needs.”

Barbara, GenSales Sales Development Representative (SDR)