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When you need leads in your inbox, you need a good B2B Appointment Setting Service.  Most companies know how to close a good qualified lead, but have a hard time getting the leads in the door.  Appointment setting is the conversion of a lead into a hot prospect.

Sliding Straight to the Right Phase of the Sales Funnel

The selling process is often pictured as a funnel, but in some ways it’s more like a sieve. At the widest place at the top, you have leads who are hearing about your service for the very first time. This is the broadest part because you are contacting as many as possible to find the prospects who are a good fit for your firm.

Many slip out the holes at this point. Maybe they don’t need services at this time, or their budget is not right for the services that you offer. We find this out for you so your team can concentrate their attention on the most promising potential customers.

It’s the ones further down the funnel who you want to talk to. Those that don’t fall through the holes are the qualified prospects. They are the ones who need a service like yours, who have the funds available and who are ready to make a decision. Your sales team gets to skip right past qualification process, straight to converting a lead into a sale.

Cut Your Costs, Increase Your Revenue, Use our B2B Appointment Setting Service

Outsourcing your B2B appointment setting allows your sales staff to focus exclusively on closing the deal. We help you increase your sales by generating leads, handling the cold calling and setting appointments with qualified leads. Once these leads are in the hands of your sales team, it’s their turn to close the sale. Their time is spent exclusively on the services that they excel at. This means that the time of your inside staff is used more efficiently, giving you a better return on your sales staffing investment.

A Flexible, Sales-Oriented Support Team

Since 2002, we have delivered highly qualified leads to companies of all sizes. We have the flexibility to work with a wide range of organizations in different industries and niches. It is our goal to provide seamless support to allow your sales team to work more efficiently, dedicating the bulk of their time to closing sales and increasing your company’s revenue.

Every team has their strengths, and this is ours. We start with massive databases, winnowing the results to produce lists for you of people who are aware of your company, interested in your services and ready to buy. We have the skills to identify the most qualified prospects and deliver them to your team.

By outsourcing your B2B appointment setting to us, you make your sales team’s work easier and allow them to spend their time converting those who are already interested.

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