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GenSales B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services

GenSales has been successfully generating leads for our clients since 2002. We reach, connect and qualify leads into potential clients for your business. All the leads we provide each client are exclusive and curated.  

Lead Generation is at the core of a business’s success. You need new clients to grow your business, but getting them can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive. Our expert team will get you warm, pre-qualified leads that fit your customer profile and that are looking for someone to fill their need. 

We nurture our leads and determine genuine interest and genuine need in our clients’ offerings. We get you the leads, so you can focus on the sale. 

Let us take over your lead generation and hand over pre-qualified leads with specific date and time appointments for you to close more sales! 


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Our B2B Appointment Setting Strategy

lead generation partnershipsGenSales has perfected the art of the cold call sales conversation for premium B2B lead generation and B2B appointment settings. The secret to our success is that we consider ourselves and our talented team members to be conversationalists and door openers, working for you. 

We set B2B appointments with warm, pre-qualified decision-makers that are interested in your offering. Our motto is “WE OPEN. YOU CLOSE.” We set the appointments with the interested leads, and you show up to close the deal.

Our B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting strategies allow you and your team to focus on your expertise, show up at the appointment, and grow your sales.

Through these conversations with your potential customers, our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) generate warm leads, and they set appointments with pre-qualified decision-makers that have expressed an interest and a possible need for your products or services. We settle for nothing less than these kinds of qualified leads so that these conversations set the table for you to close the deal. 

That is why our qualifying conversations with C-level executives let us know what their wants/needs are and if your offerings are the right fit; we only set qualified appointments. We do all we can on the back end for you to arrive at the appointment and close the deal.

In our qualifying conversations with C-level executives, our SDRs:

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers have to say:

“We’ve worked with other telemarketing firms, and they just couldn’t perform to the same level of quality and volume as GenSales. They go out of their way to understand our business and operate as a full extension of our team. We look at them as employees of our business.”

Jeff, TUDI Mechanical Systems

Good Data In… Qualified Leads Out

Our skilled, experienced team of SDRs are second to none.

lead generation industry strategyBut what sets them up for success is our data and our data-enabled systems. The lead generation and appointment setting process are driven by criteria. You tell us about your ideal customer and describe the contact person you’d like to engage with, and we generate the leads.

Once we know what a “good lead” is in your eyes, we’ll work backward to create the ideal business database. We utilize the best data management processes that lead us to that optimized target list and personal contact information. We use AI Prospect databases combined with real-time search and learning processes that help us zero in more quickly on the right decision-makers. Then our SDRs go to work.

Our intelligent data cuts through the process of cold calling hundreds of unqualified prospects and gives our callers a condensed and curated prospect list that fits the client’s criteria. Since 2002, GenSales has refined our process of gathering data that will lead to quickly and successfully reaching decision-makers. 

Putting in this kind of effort upfront makes the outreach more efficient for our SDRs, and the qualified leads they uncover are much better prospects for our clients. We do a lot of work on the back end of the process, for our callers to reach the right decision-makers and get you the best prospects.

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GenSales B2B Appointment Setting and Lead Generation Services

The B2B Lead Generation Partnership Process

Here’s how our B2B appointment setting services will kickstart your B2B lead generation and fill your qualified leads pipeline:

  1. You’ll teach us about your company and your products and describe the ideal clients you’d like to reach, including the typical decision-makers at those companies. This is part of our Plan-IT™ Session–the beginning of our lead generation process.
  2. We’ll build a calling team for your project, often including people with experience in your industry, who become experts about your products and services. Our SDRs, those calling on your behalf, have on average 15 years of experience– they are experts.
  3. Our Account Managers will work with you to refine a logistics and messaging strategy to your specifications. They create road maps containing your business proposition and your messaging for our SDRs to successfully pitch your business.
  4. We’ll develop a customized database of prospects using our AI-driven tools, targeted industry data. Our Lead Generation success weighs heavily on our top-quality data and ability to create highly curated prospect lists for your unique business.
  5. Our SDRs will begin making calls, starting conversations with prospects on your behalf with no indication that they’re a third party.
  6. You’ll sync your calendar system with our SDRs so they can check your schedule and immediately set appointments for your team, during their prospecting, with warm leads.
  7. We’ll share with you the important information and intelligence our SDRs uncover
    in their conversations to help ensure a seamless experience for these potential customers.
  8. Your team will follow up on the appointments and close the sales!

It’s that simple … and that powerful. We’ll connect you with decision-makers who have:
Genuine Interest and Genuine Need

And here’s how our team members view the process:



Do you need a steady stream of qualified leads for your business? More appointments with decision-makers? A good list of qualified prospects?


Since 2002, GenSales has specialized in helping businesses get more business, and we’d love to work with you! We’re the best in the business at B2B appointment setting, and we’re committed to accelerating your sales growth!


Using proven, targeted outbound calling techniques, we’ve scheduled over 94,000 pre-qualified appointments for our clients.


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