Database Intelligence

We use telephone surveys and market research to create smart databases.

We can create lists of your most valuable, targeted prospects! Call 720-612-4099 to schedule a free consultation to find out how we provide you with a quality database.

Not all businesses represent your most valued targeted prospects. GenSales conducts telephone surveys and does comprehensive market research to identify companies that could have the greatest impact on your sales. We compile Intelligent Data Lists (high quality database intelligence) to generate top quality leads and effectively target your highest quality prospects.

Using Database Intelligence

From A New Marketing Campaign To Customer Retention

Studies have shown that smart market research and the effective use of telephone surveys can increase customer retention, validate a projected response to a new product or service (or change in offering), and measure overall customer satisfaction. Telephone surveys can also be used to uncover sales opportunities from prospects or discover a customer that is ready to leave your company and allow you time to remedy the situation before it is too late. The survey response data generated by GenSales is timely, accurate and can change your business in positive ways.

Keeping Your Database Intelligent

We Cold Call Your Current Customers To Keep Your Brand Front-And-Center

Nothing is more effective when promoting your message or brand than a one-on-one conversation. That’s where our market research comes in with a phone call. An email, fax, website, advertisement or even direct mail piece cannot gather the critical information that a phone call can. When your sales cycle is complex, or you just want to keep your brand in front of a prospect, GenSales can successfully make the calls to deliver your message.

State Of The Art Call-Center Software

GenSales uses state of the art call-center software that can be configured to execute any type of telephone survey, from simple to very complex, so your survey will be as effective as possible.

Prospect Database Lists

The Best Tool In Your Telemarketing Campaign

The first step in a successful new business acquisition strategy is to identify the best prospects to target. At GenSales, we are experts at creating Prospect Database Lists and Marketing Lists. You may provide a database to us or we can arrange fresh sales leads by acquiring or building a prospect database list based on your specific criteria (industries, geographies, business size, etc.). Either way, we help you meet your business growth objectives.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

GenSales is based in Denver, Colorado, and since 2002, we’ve been providing demand generation services to businesses throughout the United States. In addition to providing customized prospect lists, we also offer B2B appointment setting services and lead generation strategy services.

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