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How Can I Get a Free Lead Generation Consultation?

A new study by Gartner found that the top priority of CEOs, by 53%, is growth. This percentage has kept rising for the last few years, with a higher emphasis on lead generation and business growth. GenSales Marketing Group has been in the business of partnering with companies to achieve those goals for over 18 years. We are the fastest path to getting those new clients; we shorten your sales cycle, get you warm-leads, and set pre-qualifies appointments for you to get those new contracts and grow your sales. GenSales offers a lead generation free consultation to help you create a strategy and start moving towards your sales objectives.

It is easy to set up a free consultation. Just click here to connect with us and set-up a conversation with our President and CEO, David Juris. Through this free consultation, you will gain insight into lead-generation, appointment setting, and your own company. Let us help you achieve your sales goals.

How it works:

The Plan-it Strategy Session: 

The purpose of the Lead Generation Free Consultation is to identify your current business sales efforts and your goals for new business. We call this the Plan-it Strategy Session, which allows us to have a conversation about your business, your current standing, your goals, and how we can create a partnership to help you grow your business. 

What does the Lead Generation Free Consultation entail?

During the free consultation, we will go over many aspects of your company to create a unique strategy and plan for your business. By identifying the different important points for your business, we will be able to target the correct prospects, set qualified appointments, and set you up to close more sales. 

  1. Business Overview. To begin, we do an overview of your business, your industry, and your history. This allows us to get to know you and your business, as well as it allows you to dive deeper into understanding your own business.
  2. A general description of your services/products (i.e., year it was founded, number of employees, industry and company trends, etc.)
  3. Business Goals. What are your goals short term? Long term? We discuss how many leads you are looking for and how lead generation and appointment setting can help achieve those goals. 
  4. Target Market. We identify your target market. This allows us to tailor a strategy to your unique business, in order to target the right prospects and connect with your ideal decision-maker. Outbound lead generation and appointment setting should be a channel you utilize to increase your client base. We connect you and set you those appointments to connect with your target market. 

 Who are your most desirable prospects? Who are your current clients? What is the difference between them?

  1. Competitive Research. At GenSales, there is no indication that we are a third-party, we call for you. We are successful because we know you, what you do, and represent you in a professional manner. During the free consultation, we will talk about your marketing/sales message, your service description, and keywords that must be used.
  2. Value Proposition. How do we sell your company? How do we meaningfully explain your company and get you through the door? We will discuss your company in detail and define what you do, what you offer, and how we will sell you. 


Lastly, we will discuss your strategy. How can GenSales, a leading appointment setting company, help you achieve your goals? We will work together to create a strategy that will lead to your goals. 

The free Lead Generation Consultation is the first step in your productive partnership with GenSales. Not only will we do your cold-calling and appointment setting, but we offer other services and opportunities to get you to your ideal, pre-qualified, and interested decision-maker. 

Contact us today to set your free appointment and start reaching your sales goals. 

We Offer Free Discovery Consultations to Identify Your Unique Lead Generation, B2B Appointment Setting Needs

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