Building a community with our employees and our clients is at the core of GenSales. We are proud to be recognized as a personal and professional company that delivers real results! Here is what people say about us:

  • “The GenSales team is absolutely wonderful to work with. They are super responsive and very attentive to what our needs were. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to generate quality leads.” – Scott Nakayama, North-West Roofing
  • “Compared to using previous in-house sales reps, the number of qualified/viable appointments with potential customers more than doubled when we started with GenSales. A professional team that clearly has a strategy focused on providing exactly what they say they are going to do.”– Kevin Richards, Stratus Information Systems
  • “From the beginning, I felt like this company was very personal yet professional. I usually don’t purchase from people calling me but obviously, they are good at connecting with people over the phone. Our experience with Gen Sales and the telemarketing that they are doing for our commercial roofing company has been seamless from the calls to the appointments. Seems like they have it figured out. They are also very communicative with any issues or things that have come up. I can highly recommend!” – Steven Zook, Westmoreland Commercial Roofing
  • We have been working with GenSales for the past 2 months and we are very pleased with the results. David, Peter, and the call team are very attentive to our needs. They have worked hard to quickly understand our target customers, our value prop, and pitch. It has allowed us to quickly extend our sales team’s reach.” – Scott Zielski, SMARTcare Software
  • “I vetted several Sales team partners and they seemed to be the best fit from the ease of onboarding, art and science process, commitment to delivering on the outcomes, and willingness to create along the way. GenSales’ willingness to innovate and learn along the way is impressive, as well as the commitment of the owner and senior team to our success.”- Kevin Walker, TurtleWise

GenSales is growing. We have continued to expand and develop our reach, both with clients and employees. If you are searching for a passionate, dedicated, and professional team to grow your business and set more qualified leads, contact GenSales today!  




B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Have you ever decided to make a purchase – or not – based on a review or testimonial you read online? If so, you’ll understand the significance of testimonials. The vast majority of consumers consult reviews or testimonials before buying, and positive feedback from previous customers can increase the level of trust they have in a business…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Every sales rep knows this feeling. You’re on the phone with a prospect, and things seem to be going well. You’ve confirmed they’re the decision maker, they’ve discussed their pain points in depth, and as you explain how your product and/or service can help them overcome their challenges, they seem to be actively engaged…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Whether you’ve set personal or business goals, you likely created a plan to achieve them. Without clearly defined steps, it can be difficult or even discouraging to tackle the goal you’ve set…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“When the pressure to hit targets is high — as it is during the pandemic — sales teams can become more susceptible to wishful thinking, causing pipeline estimates to become markedly less reliable. Failing to meet expected targets creates a devastating cascade in the organization, lowering employee morale, eroding market reputation, and reducing overall financial performance…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Sales are the lifeblood of every organization. Without them, well, eventually your company would cease to exist. Whether you have one member on your sales team, one hundred, or more, it’s important to have a sales process for your reps to follow…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“How many times have you heard that sales is a numbers game? And if you want to boost your B2B sales results, you need to commit to making more calls?

But what happens when you’ve reached your maximum call volume and your results are still below quota?

Consider this: According to Salesforce research, 92% of customer interaction occurs by phone, but as many as 85% of customers say they are unhappy with their phone experience…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“How has your sales leadership style changed this year? As companies are facing uncertainty with their ability to operate and sell their products, effective leadership may have a whole new set of requirements. If you’re still leading the same way you have been for years, now is the perfect time to adapt your leadership style to better meet the needs of your organization during challenging times…”

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Five appointment setting techniques.

As a business-to-business (B2B) appointment setting services and lead generation company, GenSales has heard it all. From the immediate shutdown to making more than 10 calls and still not reaching anyone or having qualified leads. Through all that outbound B2B cold-calling, we identified five techniques that every successful sales representative and appointment setter should follow.

1. Be prepared

You must have a prospect list of potential contacts, who have a genuine interest or genuine need for your clients’ product or service. Without any leads, you will be shooting in the dark. On average, callers only get one-to-three minutes of somebody’s time and it should be used wisely. Get to the point: hook them, engage, and set the appointment. Have your introduction ready, have qualifying questions, know how to identify their needs, qualify them (or not) as a prospect, and set the appointment. 

2. Learn how to get past the Gatekeeper

Everything comes down to building relationships. Treat the gatekeeper with respect: be friendly and honest, and speak with confidence. Use the gatekeeper’s first name and thank them for their assistance. Don’t try to sell to the gatekeeper. Mention how you already have a contact, i.e. “I am following up,” to give yourself credibility and get you through the door to the decision-maker.

3. Be patient

It takes around 8 cold call attempts to reach a decision maker and convert them into a client. 44% of sales reps give up after one follow-up. DON’T. If you give up on a prospect after just a few attempts, you are passing on a potential sale. Our sales team is successful because they keep going. They are patient and persistent. You will face a lot of objections–you need to learn to work through it. Be patient. Work with the “no” and convert that into a “yes.”

4. Stay persistent

Appointment setting and cold calling requires persistence. By not giving up and continuing to call prospects, you will allow people to get to know your company and associate it with their needs. Keep calling and don’t lose your momentum. You control the conversation. Instead of asking, “when are you free?” provide your prospect with possible days and times for an appointment. Try to take away the possibility of them declining.

5. Listen

Listening skills are a must in sales. Be aware of and pay attention to every conversation you have. To determine the best time to ask for an appointment, listen to what the prospect is saying, and find their needs (i.e. telling them, “I can help you with that”). Remember to have a conversation and listen as much as you talk. Include the prospect in the conversation by asking “do you have any questions?” or “have you experienced anything like that?” 

These techniques will help you have successful cold calls and will guide you to set more appointments. Doing this for over 18 years has given GenSales the knowledge and experience to know that these techniques work. 

Now, go out there and start setting more appointments!

B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Salespeople tend to have a reputation for being confident and bold, with big personalities.

Managers sometimes approach sales teams with apprehension because they assume people with big personalities will be difficult to work with, but that is not usually the case…”

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