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Can a B2B Lead Generation Agency Benefit Me?

Hiring a B2B Lead Generation Agency can boost your sales, free you to focus on your business, and save you money.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by trying to find the right customers? Or struggled to get enough clients? Maybe you find that you aren’t doing any lead generation for your business. Or you might be doing your cold-calling and lead generation in-house but finding that it takes away time from the other more important aspects of your business. If any of these ring true, it might be time to outsource your cold-calling, lead gen, and appointment setting to a B2B Lead Generation Agency.

What is B2B Lead Generation?

Lead Generation is the process of getting your target market to gain interest in your service or product. It is the process of finding potential clients, attracting them, and then nurturing, or convincing them, to buy your offering. In Business to Business Lead Generation, a company gains data on prospect clients, reaches out to those qualified prospects, and sets warm appointments to shorten your sales cycle.

What is a Business to Business Lead Generation Agency?

A B2B Lead Generation Agency helps their clients get clients. The agency takes over a business to business’ lead generation and appointment setting and connects them to their target market. They use data to find the company’s target market and then they employ different strategies, such as email marketing and LinkedIn marketing, to get their clients in front of potential customers. These agencies don’t just connect you with just any prospect, but with warm qualified prospects that need or want your service/product and are looking for someone to fix their pain/need.

Can a B2B Lead Generation Agency Benefit me?

Lead Generation is hard, 61% of B2B Marketers rank Lead Generation as their number one challenge. And 68% of B2B companies say they struggle with Lead Generation. If you are part of those high statistics, then yes, a B2B Lead Generation Agency will definitely benefit you and your company. In fact, a study found that outsourcing Lead Generation generates 43% better results than in-house lead generation, so most companies can benefit from outsourcing to an agency. A B2B Lead Generation Agency will save your business time, money, and resources. They will make your business more efficient and successful.

How would an Agency benefit you?

  1. Identifying your target market
  2. Creating a strategy to grow your business 
  3. Using multiple tools to connect you with your target market 
  4. Putting your company in front of potential clients 
  5. Generating warm leads with interested prospects 
  6. Setting pre-qualified appointments 
  7. Passing on those leads for you to close the deal
  8. Getting new clients!

If you or your sales team is too busy or not efficient at getting your business appointments, you need faster and better results, or you don’t make your business revenue goals, it might be time to consider hiring a Business to Business Lead Generation Agency.

GenSales is a sales partner to our clients. We work with you to connect you to your target market, make you more efficient, and strengthen your business. Contact us today to discover the B2B Lead Generation benefits for yourself!


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