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Why Choose a B2B Appointment Setting Company?

Generating leads and connecting with the right decision-maker can be hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Most businesses don’t have the right infrastructure or the qualified people to do it. And they don’t need to. You want your people to focus on doing what they do best: selling. Let a B2B Appointment Setting Company focus on getting you those leads and setting you those appointments so you can focus on closing deals.

What Do Appointment Setting Companies do?

Appointment Setting is a key part of the sales process. It is the process of Sales Development Representatives calling a prequalified list of sales leads, nurturing those leads, and setting appointments with interested decision-makers. 

Appointment Setting Companies work in partnership with businesses to find their target market and connect their clients with their target. They help clients get clients. B2BAppointment Setting Companies do the cold-calling, lead generation, data gathering, and appointment setting for their clients. B2B Appointment Setting Companies, such as GenSales, use Email Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Prospect Database Lists, and other tools to gather the best possible data and connect their clients to their ideal decision-maker. The goal of B2B appointment setting is for Sales Development Specialists to set appointments for another rep who will deliver a more detailed sales pitch and, ideally, close a deal.

Why Choose a B2B Appointment Setting Company?

Outsourcing your lead generation to a B2B Appointment Setting Company frees you and your representatives to focus on what you are good at closing deals. You not only free up your team to focus on the essential aspects of their job, but you will also be getting quality, convertible leads with your target decision-makers. Handling lead generation and appointment setting in-house can be challenging and expensive. It takes a lot of time, skill, persistence, and effort to do cold-calling and lead generation. And an in-house lead generation specialist costs a lot. When you add up everything from recruitment costs, to benefits, to salary, you will see that it is more expensive to employ someone in-house than outsourcing your efforts.   

Hiring a B2B Appointment Setting Company means you are hiring experts in the field. They are not salespeople trying to get new clients for the company– they are qualified and trained callers that know how to get through the gatekeeper and get those appointments. Outsourcing your B2B appointment setting will improve your lead quality, grow your sales opportunities, and get you to your revenue goals.

GenSales: One of Top B2B Appointment Setting Companies

GenSales has been getting clients to the right decision-maker since 2002. GenSales uses proven prospecting tools to find qualified leads and set up B2B appointments for our clients. We connect with hard-to-reach decision-makers and get you appointments with potential customers, to help you grow your business. We are an extension of your business. We present ourselves as part of your company and represent you in a professional manner. Our Sales Development Representatives have on average eight years in the business – they are professionals. At GenSales, we believe that nothing replaces a conversation, that is why we have important introductory conversations on your behalf. We open doors and set you appointments with interested and qualified prospects. 

This company is founded on the belief that we can help businesses succeed. B2B Appointment Setting works. Contact us today to see for yourself!

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