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How to Build a Company with an Exceptional Culture: 5 Key Components

Working at a company is about a lot more than just making a living. It’s about the experience as a whole. Company culture is an important part of that experience. It consists of the mission, values, practices, and relationships between the leadership and the employees. Company culture is also a key component of a successful business. It influences the people you attract, the quality of work you produce, and the attitude of all those involved. 

Since 2002, GenSales has worked hard to create a company culture that promotes community and success. Here’s how we do it:

1. Communication 

“I can call the owner of the company and he’ll talk to me” — Alfredo, Sales Development Representative 

To have an exceptional company culture, you must create open channels of communication. Make it easy for all employees to be able to express their needs, give, and receive constructive feedback. Effective communication leads to strong relationships, a safe environment, and trust.

At GenSales, we believe that everything starts with a conversation, both within a company and with the clients. As the quote from Alfredo suggests, when prospective clients call, our president answers. There are no hoops you need to jump to get the information you need.  

A constant flow of open communication is what has made our culture and company successful. 

2. Support

“We all care about each other…we all want each other to succeed” Debbie, Sales Development Representative.

A company with a culture of support raises every team member and leads to a successful company. There are many ways to take care of each other: encourage work-life balance, provide additional help whenever someone needs it, and share relevant resources.

At GenSales, we have worked hard to make our company into a family, where everyone feels valuable. We pride ourselves in being available and willing to help and support our employees, always going the extra mile.    

This support has led to employees who feel they can ask for help, and who know they are taken care of. 

3. Respect 

“Everyone is treated with respect” KC, Sales Development Representative.

Respect is at the core of any good business model. A culture rooted in respect encourages productivity, trust, passion, and great treatment of all. It also promotes a positive work environment and motivates employees to perform their best. 

At GenSales, everybody is seen, heard, and respected. We deeply appreciate our employees and clients. It’s our objective to maintain an exceptional company culture by making them feel respected and valued every day. 

In our experience, treating people with respect contributes to stronger connections and better results.   

4. Trust

“They let us use our personalities…which builds confidence” Jonathan, Sales Development Representative.

It is through trust that your employees will feel comfortable to dive deep into their role and execute it successfully. Trust puts responsibility in their hands, making each person feel accountable and loyal. 

At GenSales, we trust every team member. We hired them for a reason and trust their skills and judgments. Our Sales Development Representatives are encouraged to be themselves in every call and to let their intuition guide their conversations.  

We want our people to shine and be able to take charge. We trust them to represent our company and the clients professionally and humanly. 

5. Passion

“Everyone truly enjoys what they are doing” Jennifer, Talent, and Workforce Manager. 

Passionate employees are the best asset of any company. Passion breeds committed, driven, and invested staff. You want your employees to like their job and be excited to do it. If they are not, you will be able to tell, but more importantly, your clients will know it too. 

At GenSales, Managers and Sales Development Representatives believe in the work that they do. And that’s what makes GenSales stand out: great employees who are excited about their job and are invested in their clients. 

Passion is contagious. Foster passion in your employees and watch your company culture strengthen.


A company with an exceptional culture cultivates success. Through the five key components discussed above, businesses can strengthen their company culture, nurturing passionate, invested, and effective employees. We want every person who comes in contact with GenSales to feel they are cared for, valued, and supported throughout their journey with us. Your company should strive for that too!

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