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The Art of Cold Calling

Cold calling. 

What is it? How does it work? And has this modern art been lost to the fast paced industry of digital marketing? We don’t think so.

Here at GenSales Marketing Group we still believe in the power of human discourse and person to person connection. Nowadays it is so easy to get lost in the ever changing world of digitized business. Between SEO, PPCs, Organic relativity, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc…It is hard to keep up. This way of marketing has become so saturated that knowing how to reach your target audience can be a challenge.. 

Our specialty is Business to Business, or B2B, lead generation. In B2B, there is no consumer involved, it is a transaction strictly from one organization to another. B2B lead generation works great for a multitude of industries including roofing, construction, HVAC, medical device, business brokers, and the list goes on…

The modern, though now ancient, art of cold calling can provide you with the answers, quality, and success you need. Let’s begin by addressing the most important question: What is cold calling? 

Cold calling is the act of a sales representative picking up the phone and calling prospective customers who have not had any interaction with the company/ product/ service being offered.  A system of outbound lead generation, if you will. 

Cold calling is no easy feat. It takes persistent dedication, trial and error, navigating objection, and often overcoming failure. However, with the right amount of skill, method, personality, and attitude, cold calling can be an extremely effective means of marketing. 

What Makes a Good Cold Caller?

A good cold caller begins with determination. You must be determined to get someone on the phone. A wise man once said, “the deal of a lifetime is always the next number you dial.” This means that you have to be persistent with your calls. Regardless of how many voicemails, gatekeepers, no’s, and dead ends you meet, you must continue to dial the next number. 

Next comes research and knowledge. This goes without saying, but you must be knowledgeable on what you are selling. Know the ins and outs of your company and product. It is vital that you sound educated and are able to answer any question that comes your way.  Second, you need to assess who you are calling and if they are the right fit for your campaign. Research your prospects. If you are selling for a meat distributor and only calling vegan restaurants, you are not going to find much success. Know your product/ service and know who to pitch it to. 

Listening is key! 

Let the prospect tell you about themselves, their needs, and their pain points. Ask open ended questions and see where they take you with their answers. This will allow you to design your pitch around their needs. 

The art of cold calling is simple in theory, yet dynamic in execution. Success inevitably ebbs and flows in this line of work. However, hard work, dedication, and the tips and tricks mentioned prior are your best bet for success.

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