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Keeping Your Sales Funnel Full

Keeping Your Funnel Full

Keeping your funnel full is crucial to good steady business. But what exactly does it mean to keep your “funnel full”? This can mean many different things to many different businesses, but the key concept is maintaining momentum. 

In order to get the ball rolling, you must give it a big push in the form of outreach. Lead generation does not just happen, it must be enforced. Cold calling, cold emailing, email blasts, advertising, social media, etc.. are all forms of outreach.  Your initial outreach must be thoughtful, persuasive, and cohesive- especially if you are reaching out in multiple directions. 

Here are some tips and tricks we have observed and taken note of as we help others fill their sales funnels:

One must always obtain patience and keep an open mind about the sales process. Success is not immediate, it is typically a slow burn in this industry. Be direct and maintain discipline early on so your prospects know you mean business. 

Focusing on the follow- up is essential… People are busy and oftentimes they need another nudge or reminder to engage with you. However, be sure to not overwhelm your prospects. It is a very delicate balance between persistence and harassment.  It is crucial to be intentional with your words so they remember you when you touch base again.

Don’t lose sight of smaller sales. As mentioned previously, this is a slow burn industry – at least in the beginning. Celebrating small wins is vital for progress, motivation, and morale for your team. It is encouraging to be recognized, and it makes a salesman hungrier for the next win. 

If you find yourself in a rut, use your creativity when prospecting- think outside the box. If you continue to get denied, try changing up your talk track or the angle you are presenting your pitch. Try pitching your product to a different department or official within the company. Never be afraid to ask for the correct person to speak with. And if you do hit it off with a customer, build a relationship or ask for referrals. You never know where one simple request can lead you.

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