Building a community with our employees and our clients is at the core of GenSales. We are proud to be recognized as a personal and professional company that delivers real results! Here is what people say about us:

  • “The GenSales team is absolutely wonderful to work with. They are super responsive and very attentive to what our needs were. I would highly recommend them to any business looking to generate quality leads.” – Scott Nakayama, North-West Roofing
  • “Compared to using previous in-house sales reps, the number of qualified/viable appointments with potential customers more than doubled when we started with GenSales. A professional team that clearly has a strategy focused on providing exactly what they say they are going to do.”– Kevin Richards, Stratus Information Systems
  • “From the beginning, I felt like this company was very personal yet professional. I usually don’t purchase from people calling me but obviously, they are good at connecting with people over the phone. Our experience with Gen Sales and the telemarketing that they are doing for our commercial roofing company has been seamless from the calls to the appointments. Seems like they have it figured out. They are also very communicative with any issues or things that have come up. I can highly recommend!” – Steven Zook, Westmoreland Commercial Roofing
  • We have been working with GenSales for the past 2 months and we are very pleased with the results. David, Peter, and the call team are very attentive to our needs. They have worked hard to quickly understand our target customers, our value prop, and pitch. It has allowed us to quickly extend our sales team’s reach.” – Scott Zielski, SMARTcare Software
  • “I vetted several Sales team partners and they seemed to be the best fit from the ease of onboarding, art and science process, commitment to delivering on the outcomes, and willingness to create along the way. GenSales’ willingness to innovate and learn along the way is impressive, as well as the commitment of the owner and senior team to our success.”- Kevin Walker, TurtleWise

GenSales is thriving. We continue to expand and develop our reach, both with clients and employees. If you are searching for a passionate, dedicated, and professional team to grow your business and set more qualified leads, contact GenSales today!  

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