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At GenSales, we are often asked, “Should we hire our own people or outsource cold calling?” The answer definitely is, “Outsource Cold Calling and Lead Generation!”

It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage an internal team of Appointment Setters, not to mention the amount of hardware, office space, and furniture you’ll need. GenSales will free you from these responsibilities. With our seamless behind-the-scenes business integration and our 100% U.S. Based team of seasoned professionals, you get the full benefits of cold calling and telemarketing without the added expense of employees.


  • Time is Money! It takes valuable time to create a job description, place an ad, interview candidates, set up systems, train and oversee the hour-by-hour work of an inside staff.
  • Let us do the tedious work for you: Outsource Cold Calling to GenSales and we will deliver high value leads and appointments without wasting your time or draining your resources.
  • Save your sales staff time and frustration: The chances of securing a sale are much higher if the sales staff is arranged to meet with pre-qualified prospects.


  • After you factor in the cost of both your time and payroll in hiring, training, managing and compensating callers, the comparison to the investment in GenSales is extremely favorable.
  • If you keep your cold calling in-house and you have to replace a caller mid-campaign, you will be set back immensely. By comparison, if we need to switch out callers on your campaign it typically takes only 24 hours.


  • For over 16 years, GenSales has specialized in Lead Generation, Cold Calling, outbound Appointment Setting & Telesales. We have continually improved our methodologies and call strategies. Take advantage our experience and expertise and see your sales grow to new levels.
  • David is great to work with, flexible and his programs are very reliable. He always makes sure the customer is happy and will do whatever it takes to "get it right." I highly recommend David and his company.

    Katie Aronoff Tudi Mechanical Systems
  • Working with David and his team at Generation Sales Group is a true pleasure. While many lead gen services promise great results but fail to deliver, David was able to quickly assess my client's needs, develop a sound program and deliver the results. He has also provided timely and personalized assistance to any client needs as they arise. I recommend David and Generation Sales Group for any outbound call campaign. Top notch! September 17, 2009

    Elizabeth Sklaroff Access Marketing Company
  • It's rare to find an individual with the clarity of purpose, vision and expertise that deliver consistent and measurable results. David Juris does just that. Under David's leadership, the entire GS team is driven to offer the highest quality service coupled with a keen desire to help us grow our business. I have also experienced first-hand David's efforts to form a genuine partnership between our two companies that extend well beyond the traditional client vendor relationship. In short, it's a pleasure to recommend David and his work.

    Tom Cotner Business Broker
  • The IEC Show went very very well. Our booth had significantly better and more direct traffic than any of the other software booths. The postcards and telemarketing drove people to our booth and we made several sales and have several more commitments.

    Steve Bowman Material Management, Inc.
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