B2B Appointment Setting Calendar

It is known that acquiring new clients is more costly and difficult than retaining existing ones. However, for all businesses, new clients are necessary. Some businesses might require fewer new clients, whereas others, such as roofing, are in constant search of new clients with a need that must be filled. To find new clients, a business would need to generate new leads and set appointments to sell their products/services. This process includes such steps as generating a prospect list, cold calling, nurturing leads, and finally setting appointments. B2B Appointment Setting is an important strategy that all businesses should focus on.

What is Appointment Setting? 

Appointment Setting is the process in which expert appointment setters call leads, connect with decision-makers, qualify them as potential clients, and then schedule an appointment. This is the key process of getting new clients. Through reaching the correct decision-makers and setting appointments, a business gets in front of its ideal customer and has the opportunity to sell its service/product and close deals. Appointment setting is one of the last steps in the long process of getting in front of your target customer. The goal of B2B appointment setting is to turn prospects into buyers.

Appointment Setting is a very difficult part of business development. According to a Forbes article, it is the most difficult roadblock to growing a company through increased profit sales. Many companies struggle to do all the work that goes into connecting with a decision-maker to set those appointments, that is why many outsource these tasks to experts. Appointment setting is not an aspect of a business that can be ignored, especially if growth is a key goal.

Why is B2B Appointment Setting an Important Part of a Business Strategy?  

Before your sales team can get in front of customers, they must have appointments to meet with these potential clients. Without appointments, there are no closed deals. The process of appointment setting is a strategic move to set your business up for success by being more efficient, shortening your sales cycle, and having a higher sales conversion.

  • Three important steps precede setting appointments: prospecting a list of potential leads, cold calling those leads (which has many roadblocks of its own), and lastly, qualifying those leads to be potential clients. These steps can be very difficult and expensive to execute, but without them, it is difficult to narrow down leads and connect with interested prospects.
  • B2B appointment setting leads your business to connect with your ideal customer. Through the process, your business filters through the many prospects that aren’t interested and narrows it down to qualified prospects who need a service/product like yours and are looking to make a decision.
  • Appointment setting turns leads into sales. Appointment setting is towards the end of the process of acquiring new clients. Therefore, if you have set an appointment, you are on your way to closing a deal. Without an appointment setting process, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to close deals and turn leads into sales.
  • What happens after you, or your outsourced team, sets those appointments? You close deals. Appointments = opportunities. B2B Appointment Setting is a key part of any business strategy because it opens the door to grow your business and get more clients.

If your business is not focusing on appointment setting, we recommend it becomes a priority. As an appointment-setting company, we know what prequalified appointments can do to a business. For example, one of our client’s ROI was over 1,000% from just one great appointment that we set. Warm leads lead to appointments which can lead to closed deals.