Creating Sales Opportunities for Commercial HVAC Companies

Why settle for “leads”?  We provide high-quality, confirmed appointments for your commercial HVAC sales team.

With this arrangement, you’ll:

  • Pay only for qualified, confirmed, face-to-face appointments
  • Have geographic exclusivity – we won’t work with your competitors in your designated calling regions
  • Shorten your sales cycle
  • Increase new clients
  • Improve revenues

High-Quality, Qualified Contacts

On your behalf, we’ll reach out to potential contacts based on their decision-making authority. Your team will have confirmed appointments with owners and managers of commercial properties – the people who approve contracts for HVAC preventive maintenance, service, repair, and new equipment installation.

Our Experience

For over 12 years, GenSales’ professional U.S. callers have been supporting major commercial HVAC companies, including:

  • Tudi Mechanical (Pennsylvania and Florida)
  • Entec Services (Illinois)
  • Way Company (Texas)
  • Brewer-Garrett (Ohio)
  • University Mechanical (Washington)

There’s No Financial Risk or Hidden Costs

We don’t require monthly term commitments and there are no upfront costs, unless you choose to purchase a database list through us. You simply pay a flat fee for each qualified appointment we schedule for you.

What’s Our Secret?

We excel in the commercial HVAC market thanks to our experienced U.S.-based Caller Specialists and our exceptional account management team providing excellent customer service.

 “Our callers are a transparent part of our client communication process”

Our Caller Specialists are pros, with an industry-leading average of 15 years of inside sales and appointment setting experience.

During the onboarding process, new clients talk to our team, including the assigned callers, about the intricacies and uniqueness of their company’s offerings and messaging. We typically include our callers in the weekly client meetings where they can share what’s working and not working and hear from the client directly about how to handle specific matters that come up on the calls. Clients can always request to hear a sampling of call recordings, so they can make messaging suggestions to our team.

We take great pride in being a seamless extension to our clients with no indication to their potential customers that we’re a third party. I always picture us as being on the same side of the table as our clients – collaborating as one team.

– Heather Connors, GenSales Senior Account Manager

“The conversation really doesn’t start until the prospect says no!”

I’ve been with GenSales more than 10 years, supporting our HVAC clients the whole time. The calling profession isn’t  for everyone – I just rely on my natural personality, and I think that comes through in the conversations!

The natural instinct of the person on the other end is nearly always to deflect or deny. I get that! The key is to step in quickly and buy a few extra seconds of time by asking some leading questions to establish our credibility and develop a bit of rapport. At that point it might be possible to extend the conversation and get them to open up about their needs.

A call may not take that long, and I try not to take any more of their time than I need to. The detailed notes I take that document the conversation are key. I want the client’s sales team to “feel” the conversation that I just had so they’re prepared for the appointment I’ve set for them.

KC, GenSales Caller Specialist


Don’t just listen to us, hear what our customers have to say

“The best experience I’ve ever had with a direct marketing firm”

I refer to our company as “a technical and financial solutions firm doing business as a mechanical contractor.” GenSales augments our business development team, and that’s critical because in our industry and region the sales labor market is very competitive and it’s sometimes difficult to keep good people on board.

What I like about GenSales’ model is that we have managerial and coaching access to the callers who are representing us. The system relies on this external coaching, so we work together on a daily basis.

GenSales’ callers collect a ton of information. I can tell they’ve had full-blown conversations. When we get to the appointment, the prospect clearly knows who we are and why we’re there.

Working with GenSales is the best experience I’ve ever had with a direct marketing firm – both in terms of the working relationship and the results. They’re presenting us with sales opportunities we wouldn’t have had in the past.

Heather, our Account Manager, is literally like an extension of our team. I talk with her more than some of my own teammates on a weekly basis!  

-Tim Davis, Director of Business Development, The Way Companies, Houston, TX

 “Our lead generation is like clockwork now”

Tudi Mechanical is one of the premier commercial HVAC services providers in the two markets we serve – the Pittsburgh and Tampa regions.

We’ve been working with GenSales for about 10 years, after a sales and marketing consultant referred us to them. Before that, our sales reps were spending a lot of time cold calling and knocking on doors. Of course, that’s not really their sweet spot – they’re much more effective in front of a prospect and building a relationship!

We provide our targets to the GenSales callers directly, and on average we get about 50-60 qualified appointments each month between our two regional markets. The communication level with GenSales has been great. I’d say it’s more of a collaboration than us telling them what to do. We’re a very technical company and the callers have done a tremendous job explaining who we are and representing Tudi professionally.

Our relationship with GenSales has given us the opportunity to accelerate our growth over the years.

Jeff Vandergrift, Senior Marketing Director, Tudi Mechanical Systems, Pittsburgh, PA


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