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When It’s Time to Make the Sale – Action-Driven Closing Phrases

“Closing a sale is rarely a simple and straightforward process that you can make reliable predictions about right off the bat. You can be several emails or phone calls into the sale before even getting a decent understanding of how your prospect feels about your pitch…” To continue reading, please see the original article by […]

Your 6-Step Guide to Setting and Achieving Sales Goals

“Achieving your goals isn’t a slam dunk. Can you do what it takes to meet them? I recently started going to a personal trainer. At the beginning of our very first session, she asked, “So, what are you trying to accomplish?”…” To continue reading, please see the original article by RAIN Group.

How Inclusion and Diversity in Sales and Business Can Enrich the Workplace

“A large number of sales organizations in America are still dominated by white male leaders,  which means they are missing out on the great benefits of inclusion and diversity in sales. Exposure to other cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds has the potential of taking organizations to the next level, providing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions…” To […]

30 Sales Interview Questions to Ask Sales Candidates

“Achieving success in sales – or any other field – goes beyond just one factor. You need leadership with a vision, a product that addresses essential needs, and a dynamite strategy for bringing it to market for starters. But in order to make any of those things a reality, you also need talent…” To continue […]

The 8 Buyer Motives Every Salesperson Should Know

“I’m pretty torn on whether having telepathy would be cool. I generally err on the side of, “I’m good. It’s a bit too invasive.” At the same time, it could be fun to do small stuff like never lose a game of rock-paper-scissors or finish people’s sentences. And creepy as it might be, it would probably […]

5 Keys to Successful Sales Coaching

“More than ever, sales teams are struggling with unqualified leads, missed sales goals, and lost opportunities. Increasingly, company and sales leaders are turning to coaching as a solution…” To continue reading, please see the original article by RAIN Group.