b2b lead generation and appointment setting anniversary GenSales

February 2022. This month marks the 20th anniversary of GenSales

That’s cause for celebration of course, and we certainly are! But I also can’t help but recall all of the people I’ve met along this journey and the guidance, encouragement, and inspiration they offered, whether they knew it or not!  I am deeply grateful for all the help and support I’ve received in creating an innovative and successful business process. 

I was pretty sure we were onto something big twenty years ago this month, when we introduced a new model of “cold calling.” 

  • Engaging business-savvy, sales development representatives – not the scripted novices so prevalent in this business.
  • Utilizing sales conversations rather than sales pitches. 
  • Combining lead generation with appointment setting to seamlessly pass the lead to our clients. 
  • Ensuring that a warm lead is an informed lead who’s ready to talk to the client’s sales team.  

Every lead we generate and every appointment we set is a small victory for our team and our clients. It simply blows my mind that over the last 20 years our team was victorious 96,000 times in support of startups, Fortune 100 companies, and every sized company in between. A big milestone to celebrate this anniversary. 

I won’t spend too much time looking backwards this month, though, since we’re busy planning for the years ahead. We’ve moved to a newly configured, larger facility. We’re onboarding additional, experienced callers. These are critical priorities because we’re on a path to double our business over the next several years. 

But as we move into year 21 and beyond, I’ll make sure we don’t lose sight of our most important asset: our seasoned sales development representatives who have a passion and a knack for the art of the sales conversation.

With our best wishes and deep appreciation,  

David Juris, Founder and CEO