B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“What’s your unique human proposition?

  • There are innumerable philosophies and methodologies of salesmanship, but sometimes the best advice is the simplest advice: Be yourself.
  • Sales coach, author, and speaker Jules White says we all have a unique human proposition (UHP) –– our individuality, our own brand of humor, and our natural ability to have human-to-human conversations.
  • She discusses how to identify and leverage your UHP as an authentic, organic way to build trust and deliver value to buyers…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“In our recent Top-Performing Sales Organization study, we were particularly interested in the sales skills that stood out when sellers not only met their goals, but also believed their goals were challenging…”

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B2B Appointment Setting Companies

Generating leads and connecting with the right decision-maker can be hard, expensive, and time-consuming. Most businesses don’t have the right infrastructure or the qualified people to do it. And they don’t need to. You want your people to focus on doing what they do best: selling. Let a B2B Appointment Setting Company focus on getting you those leads and setting you those appointments so you can focus on closing deals.

What Do Appointment Setting Companies do?

Appointment Setting is a key part of the sales process. It is the process of Sales Development Representatives calling a prequalified list of sales leads, nurturing those leads, and setting appointments with interested decision-makers. 

Appointment Setting Companies work in partnership with businesses to find their target market and connect their clients with their target. They help clients get clients. B2BAppointment Setting Companies do the cold-calling, lead generation, data gathering, and appointment setting for their clients. B2B Appointment Setting Companies, such as GenSales, use Email Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, Prospect Database Lists, and other tools to gather the best possible data and connect their clients to their ideal decision-maker. The goal of B2B appointment setting is for Sales Development Specialists to set appointments for another rep who will deliver a more detailed sales pitch and, ideally, close a deal.

Why Choose a B2B Appointment Setting Company?

Outsourcing your lead generation to a B2B Appointment Setting Company frees you and your representatives to focus on what you are good at closing deals. You not only free up your team to focus on the essential aspects of their job, but you will also be getting quality, convertible leads with your target decision-makers. Handling lead generation and appointment setting in-house can be challenging and expensive. It takes a lot of time, skill, persistence, and effort to do cold-calling and lead generation. And an in-house lead generation specialist costs a lot. When you add up everything from recruitment costs, to benefits, to salary, you will see that it is more expensive to employ someone in-house than outsourcing your efforts.   

Hiring a B2B Appointment Setting Company means you are hiring experts in the field. They are not salespeople trying to get new clients for the company– they are qualified and trained callers that know how to get through the gatekeeper and get those appointments. Outsourcing your B2B appointment setting will improve your lead quality, grow your sales opportunities, and get you to your revenue goals.

GenSales: One of Top B2B Appointment Setting Companies

GenSales has been getting clients to the right decision-maker since 2002. GenSales uses proven prospecting tools to find qualified leads and set up B2B appointments for our clients. We connect with hard-to-reach decision-makers and get you appointments with potential customers, to help you grow your business. We are an extension of your business. We present ourselves as part of your company and represent you in a professional manner. Our Sales Development Representatives have on average eight years in the business – they are professionals. At GenSales, we believe that nothing replaces a conversation, that is why we have important introductory conversations on your behalf. We open doors and set you appointments with interested and qualified prospects. 

This company is founded on the belief that we can help businesses succeed. B2B Appointment Setting works. Contact us today to see for yourself!

B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“When I have conversations online, they tend to be tough to manage, especially when trying to resolve an issue, win an argument or present facts. People always seem way more difficult to deal with online than in person. It is just the way the ‘feels.’…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Guiding a prospect through the sales process is always tricky. No matter how many tactics you’ve implemented to increase your conversion rate, it seems that new sales team members, in particular, are often caught off guard when a lead presents a tough objection…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Goal setting is a fantastic skill to develop, and how you design your own future. A life best lived is a life by design. Not by accident, and not by just walking through the day careening from wall to wall and managing to survive. If you can start giving your life dimensions and design and color and objectives and purpose, the results can be absolutely staggering…”

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Free Consultation

A new study by Gartner found that the top priority of CEOs, by 53%, is growth. This percentage has kept rising for the last few years, with a higher emphasis on lead generation and business growth. GenSales Marketing Group has been in the business of partnering with companies to achieve those goals for over 18 years. We are the fastest path to getting those new clients; we shorten your sales cycle, get you warm-leads, and set pre-qualifies appointments for you to get those new contracts and grow your sales. GenSales offers a lead generation free consultation to help you create a strategy and start moving towards your sales objectives.

It is easy to set up a free consultation. Just click here to connect with us and set-up a conversation with our President and CEO, David Juris. Through this free consultation, you will gain insight into lead-generation, appointment setting, and your own company. Let us help you achieve your sales goals.

How it works:

The Plan-it Strategy Session: 

The purpose of the Lead Generation Free Consultation is to identify your current business sales efforts and your goals for new business. We call this the Plan-it Strategy Session, which allows us to have a conversation about your business, your current standing, your goals, and how we can create a partnership to help you grow your business. 

What does the Lead Generation Free Consultation entail?

During the free consultation, we will go over many aspects of your company to create a unique strategy and plan for your business. By identifying the different important points for your business, we will be able to target the correct prospects, set qualified appointments, and set you up to close more sales. 

  1. Business Overview. To begin, we do an overview of your business, your industry, and your history. This allows us to get to know you and your business, as well as it allows you to dive deeper into understanding your own business.
  2. A general description of your services/products (i.e., year it was founded, number of employees, industry and company trends, etc.)
  3. Business Goals. What are your goals short term? Long term? We discuss how many leads you are looking for and how lead generation and appointment setting can help achieve those goals. 
  4. Target Market. We identify your target market. This allows us to tailor a strategy to your unique business, in order to target the right prospects and connect with your ideal decision-maker. Outbound lead generation and appointment setting should be a channel you utilize to increase your client base. We connect you and set you those appointments to connect with your target market. 

 Who are your most desirable prospects? Who are your current clients? What is the difference between them?

  1. Competitive Research. At GenSales, there is no indication that we are a third-party, we call for you. We are successful because we know you, what you do, and represent you in a professional manner. During the free consultation, we will talk about your marketing/sales message, your service description, and keywords that must be used.
  2. Value Proposition. How do we sell your company? How do we meaningfully explain your company and get you through the door? We will discuss your company in detail and define what you do, what you offer, and how we will sell you. 


Lastly, we will discuss your strategy. How can GenSales, a leading appointment setting company, help you achieve your goals? We will work together to create a strategy that will lead to your goals. 

The free Lead Generation Consultation is the first step in your productive partnership with GenSales. Not only will we do your cold-calling and appointment setting, but we offer other services and opportunities to get you to your ideal, pre-qualified, and interested decision-maker. 

Contact us today to set your free appointment and start reaching your sales goals. 

B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Traditionally, sales is all about the hustle. Sales professionals learn early in their careers that if they want to make good money, they need to contact as many people as possible. This ethos causes many sales pros to remain on the phone all day long, dialing one number after the next – if they aren’t visiting leads in person. And, to be sure, there is something to be said for making a lot of contacts when you want to close deals…”

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B2B Appointment Setting leads to greater sales.

“Every time I think I’ve gotten a grip on the weird, wonderful world of sales, I learn something new that forces me to change my perspective and question my beliefs. Like just 17% of salespeople think they’re pushy — compared to 50% of prospects. And along similar lines, only 3% of buyers trust reps. The only professions with less credibility include car sales, politics, and lobbying. Ouch. Luckily, not all sales-related data will bum you out. This list of sales statistics has invaluable nuggets of wisdom on everything from sales prospecting to inside sales stats…”

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Since 2002, GenSales has prioritized a positive and caring work culture. We created a family with our team, where everyone feels supported and guided to be successful. Here is what Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) say about us:

  • “I have worked for many companies as an appointment setter since 2011. I sincerely say this is the best company to work for. They understand the needs of their employees. The owner, David Juris, and his account managers make you feel like you are a part of the family. They believe we are an extension of our clients and it is important for us to be professional and responsive to their needs.” – Barbara Bendig, SDR
  • “This is an amazing company to use for your business development needs. The staff is incredible and the number of results you can obtain by this classic form of marketing has stood the test of time. They have been in business for over 20 years because they know business development and how to satisfy clients!” – Kevin Rosario, SDR
  • “I’ve been at GenSales for over 7 years and across the board management is the best. The owner of the company always closes a meeting by telling us how much he appreciates us and the work we do; it’s not just lip service but a genuine attitude of how much he values our work and our contributions.” – Jeanie Biggs, SDR
  • “I have worked for GenSales for over five years now and called for over 50 clients and I absolutely love it! David Juris and his team are incredibly supportive and great people to work with. I feel like they are my extended family. Working remotely does require you to be proactive, personally invested in your campaigns, and ask for help when it is needed. No matter how challenging a campaign has been, I have always been able to get help from an account manager to work through an issue. They have always been available to answer questions and talk campaigns over when I have hit roadblocks. GenSales is a very positive work atmosphere and I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – Abby May, SDR
  • “I have been working for the company since 2014 & love working for them, we are not seen as individuals but as a team, so it is a very nice team environment. Everyone is very informative and helpful. If we need help, we can reach out to anyone in the office or other callers. We also get the pleasure of talking with our clients as well if we need anything. I will never leave this company.” – Lynn Thatcher, SDR

GenSales is thriving. We continue to expand and develop our reach, both with clients and employees. If you are interested in joining a company that will guide you to be successful, supporting you throughout the whole process, contact GenSales today!

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